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With cities, just like with people, there are numerous rational and irrational reasons why you love them. You love Paris, Rome, Vienna, and Budapest for their uniqueness, and what about Belgrade? Well, Belgrade is also loved for its uniqueness: for its beauty, but not for that immediately noticeable and radiant appearance, but some calm and almost hidden beauty, for its shores and rivers, for its permanence, because on this “old continent” except Athens and Rome, there is no city older than Belgrade, nor a city where the fate of Europe is more strongly reflected. You mostly love Belgrade because of the people who give to this city a uniqueness that, no matter what you look for, you will not find anywhere else.

A uniqueness that arises from the unity of the four basic elements that make the essence of the world: earth, water, air and fire.

The earth – rich and fertile, peaceful and wide – plain and stormy – hilly, which, as one famous architect put it, is made in the most beautiful place in the world; the water that Belgrade get through its two rivers, the Danube and the Sava, making it also a unique capital; air – one poet said “Belgrade, the light of the winds over the water”; and the fires, the real ones that are meaningless and devastating that there were too many in this region. But also those other fires-fires of emotions and temperaments, fires of deep and strong emotions that will be shown to you by your hosts – residents of Belgrade.

Like rarely somewhere else in the world, in this city a special respect and love for the guest is nurtured. Yours is only to come once and then you will definitely come back to us again.


Welcome to Belgrade,

Sanja, your guide in the White City

Themed Tours

Belgrade is filled with mysterious and fascinating – untold stories. During our themed walks, we’ll try to tell you some lesser-known Belgrade stories.
Join us!

Explore Belgrade

Belgrade – a house built in the middle of the road for the Ottoman Empire it was: Dar ul Jihad, “A house of holy wars”. A city that has been destroyed more than 40 times throughout history. A city for which about 6 million people died, either wanting to defend or conquer it. A city that has been rising from the ashes over and over, every time bigger and more beautiful just like Phoenix.

Join us to discover the centuries-old secrets of Belgrade together.

Private tours

If you’re looking for a private tour that’s tailored to your questions and interests, please contact us. Design your own tour according to your wishes, affinities and time. We would like you to bring the most beautiful memories from our gorgeous white city. In addition to Belgrade, we can also offer you excursions and stay throughout Serbia. Indicate in which language you would like your tour most. Maybe we can speak it..


"You will enjoy every second of your traveling in time with Sanja. Love is all around us. ❤"

"If you want to discover some other Belgrade, get inspired, enrich your soul – this walking tour is the right choice for you. Warm recommendations, we really enjoyed it"

"Thank you from the heart for the beautiful, seductive, inspirational, magical rhapsody and wonderful stories in today's walk, selflessly told by the most charming guide Sanja. We look forward to new walks with new stories! Thanks again"

"I went on various tours around my hometown, but this one is something special, both original and told in a special and unique way. My recommendation to all Belgrade fans, those who are first time in Belgrade and those who come back again! Wonderful and memorable"

"Such a meaningful, inspiring, subtly guided and colorful walk in the beautiful spirit of Belgrade! Sanja, thanks! We look forward to sharing any future thoughts!"

"How to see the wonderful endowments of Belgrade and the greats who lived in our city, in a completely different way?! It was a special dance through the city center, which takes us back to another time and reminds us that we also have something to be proud of!Mrs. Sanja is really great at what she does. She just needs to be watched and listened to! Thanks again. Bravo!"

"Madam Sanja, a guide through the Belgrade Love Stories, gave us an unforgettable walk! We enjoyed every segment of this little journey through love and history of our city. All recommendations from the heart!"

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