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A bit about me

Some people just LIVE IN a city, Some people LIVE FOR a city – they are in a RELATIONSHIP with the city. I really love Belgrade and I have a special relationship with it. My WISH is to SHOW to you how BELGRADE looks through my EYES. Have no doubts – this city will give so much back to you!

My name is Sanja and I am desperately in love with beauty of life, Belgrade’s history and traveling. I believe in good in people, I love art, writing and magic of creation. I cannot live without music and friends. I despise hypocrisy, dishonesty, superficiality, and most of all human stupidity. Friends say they cannot imagine me without a smile.I love Belgrade my hometown and I will be happy to share with you secret stories about my beautiful city. Let’s discover hidden places of Belgrade together.

Sanja Djaković, tourist guide