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On the Republic Square and in front of the National Museum is one of the most beautiful monuments in Belgrade – the Prince Michael Monument (Spomenik knezu Mihailu), on the spot where once the Stambol Gate stood and, immediately behind it, the Dardaneli Inn.

Prince Michael Obrenović first came to the throne after the death of his brother Milan, and this reign lasted until 1842.
After the death of his father, Prince Miloš, in 1860 he again came to the throne for the second time and ruled as an absolute ruler for 8 years.
During those eight years, he recovered Belgrade, Šabac, Smederevo, Soko, Užice, and Kladovo from the Turkish authorities.

He was assassinated in 1868.

The monument was built in 1882 in gratitude for freeing the Serbian towns from the Turks. Made of marble and bronze it presents a true picture of Prince Michael Obrenović, the Serbian ruler and merit. On the edge of the pedestal are the names of the towns Prince Michael freed from the Turks. It is 11m high and 8,45m long. The monument is the work of the noted Florentine sculptor Enrico Pazzi. The upper part of the monument was cast by the Muller Foundry in Munich. The arm of Prince Michael points symbolically in the direction of the south-east towards the still not liberated Serbian areas. The pedestal bears the golden-lettered inscription: „To Prince Michael Obrenović III – Thankful Serbia“.

Today, this monument is a favorite meeting point in Belgrade. Therefore, if you want to meet someone in Belgrade, just say ‘let’s meet “kod Konja”, which means “by the horse”.