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Belgrade does not like to be photographed.
He hates to pose. Constantly moving. It does not turn out nicely in photos and it always looks like some other place.
It’s not Paris who knows how to deal with the painters.
Not London, who knows how to make love with photographers.
Not Rome, which is like a souvenir.
Not Vienna, handsome to engrave on an ashtray.
Not Moscow, which looks nice when you put it in a glass ball with snowflakes.
Neither Berlin, from which you can make great keyring.
Neither Budapest, which likes to be painted laying on colorful plates beneath the hot fish stew.
Not Istanbul, with its teeth of gold.
Not Athens, stone presser for old manuscripts …
There are a few things in it that I have never seen before. Maybe only three: his rivers, heaven and people. From these three ancient elements, the unique spirit of Belgrade is born.
Momčilo, Momo, Kapor, famous Serbian painter and writer